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On behalf of Time Warner Cable, we are pleased to announce the third year of our Research Program on Digital Communications. The aim of the Research Program is to tap into the best minds in the academic and public policy communities and stimulate research into the challenges facing the telecommunications industry.

The Research Program awards stipends to generate reports that we hope will provide new information, insights, and practical advice.  Since the creation of the Research Program in 2010, the Research Program has awarded 16 stipends to 23 leading researchers across the United States.

During our third year, we will examine the following research topic areas: the end-user experience for broadband services; network reliability, security, and privacy; internet governance; the future of localism in communications policy; video convergence and internet video; and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

We encourage you to visit the Research Program’s website and to follow us on twitter at Our website ( includes the Research Program’s publications.

In the coming year, we hope that the Time Warner Cable Research Program will play an important role in helping to increase our understanding of the challenges and opportunities created by digital technologies in the decade ahead.

Gail G. MacKinnon
Executive Vice President and Chief Government Relations Officer
Time Warner Cable

Fernando R. Laguarda
Vice President, External Affairs  and Policy Counselor
Time Warner Cable